About the Library

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Our Mission

Statue of a man reading to boy on his lap
By offering a wide array of resources and experiences and by connecting people in our community with ideas and with each other, the Wallingford Public Library ensures every resident has the opportunity to be inspired, enriched, and informed.


Our Vision

  • The Wallingford Public Library will be viewed as the hub of the community where all are welcome.
  • The collection will evolve to meet the changing needs and demographics of our community, including the continued expansion of digital materials.
  • Our programs will act as opportunities to bring community members together – to learn together, to support one another, and to be inspired.
  • We will expand the array of supports for access to online information and materials, for both consumption and creation, and continue to be a go-to place for helping our community with technology.
  • The configuration of our facilities will be assessed to best meet the needs of our patrons and to ensure the building’s long term maintenance.
  • As one of our strongest assets, our staff will feel valued and will have opportunities for professional development.
  • Our Board of Managers will be a committed, engaged group of community members, representative of our diverse community.
  • We will work in collaboration with our community partners to ensure our collective efforts address the needs of the community.
  • The Library will foster a strong sense of community identity, spirit and pride through its collections, programs, facilities and other services.


Our Values

  • Access for All: We provide equal access to our collections, programs, facilities and services.
  • Excellence: We maintain high standards of customer service and strive for excellence in the services and resources we provide.
  • Respect: We embrace people from all walks of life and treat individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Personal Growth: We strive to provide all people with the opportunity to grow and achieve their life goals.
  • Kindness: We show compassion and offer support to our patrons.
  • Innovation: We actively seek out opportunities to blend new ideas and methods into our work.
  • Responsibility: We offer high quality services in a safe, secure and fiscally responsible environment.


Our Goals